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    Jim 009

    I have been working in businesses of many different types and sizes for over 40 years. Over the course of my career I have served in just about every functional area and have experienced the trials, tribulations and achievements of entry level, front line supervisor and senior manager roles. I have served as CEO of small and mid-sized companies and head of large functional areas in very large corporations.

    Most of my experience is in Strategy, Sales, Marketing and Business Operations including Quality and Continuous Improvement. However regardless of the role, I firmly believe that everyone, everyone, in a company large or small must consider themselves directly accountable for the experience and satisfaction of each and every customer. All businesses begin with a customer giving their money for a product or service and end with that customer at least being satisfied, and hopefully being thrilled to the point of love, with their transaction. Whatever happens between this beginning and ending is what will determine if the business will win the customer’s love, or at best be in second place.

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    Consulting, Coaching and Speaking Services

    I am available to help brands and businesses develop and then execute a strategy to focus on Winning Customer Love.  Please use the Contact form to request more information.  Or call me at 704-962-7405.

    I am also available for leadership coaching. In this capacity I help business leaders at all levels to improve their business performance, and their career trajectory, by utilizing the Principles of Customer Love in their role and business. I also help my coaching clients to improve their overall sense of well being and balance in life. Please click here for more information

    I am also available to speak at your conference, seminar or workshop. I take a very thorough approach to all speaking engagements to help ensure that we exceed the meeting sponsor’s objectives and expectations. I promise that your team will leave energized to demonstrate love to customers and employees. Please click here for more information.

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